What Gets You Sober – God Or Your Neurons?

By Lisa Martinovic In battling addiction, neuroscience offers a complementary and alternative approach to twelve-step programs. Cutting-edge 21st century neuroscience and a certain Depression era, Christian-based self-help fellowship might make strange bedfellows, but they have one thing in common: when it comes to the treatment of addiction, both rely on the brain’s innate capacity for […]

The Gifts of Recovery

By William L White. Emeritus Sr. Research Consultant Chestnut Health Systems. In an earlier article entitled “Recovery as a Heroic Journey,” I summarized mythologist Joseph Campbell’s cross-cultural study of hero myths, and compared his depiction of the heroic journey to the processes of addiction and recovery. Campbell described how these myths typically unfolded in three […]

Addiction Treatment – The 12 Steps, CBT & Mindfulness

By Alastair Mordey Originally posted by:    Magazine. Alastair Mordey explains how successful recovery from addiction engages self-directed neuro-plasticity through psycho-social treatments such as CBT, 12 Steps & Mindfulness, and that these approaches are particularly effective when combined into an integrative model. As practitioners we often seem to debate two issues over and over again. […]

Is Addiction An Attachment Disorder?

By Paul Henry (aka AlcoholicsGuide). Here I cite and use excerpts from an interesting article by Kathy Brous (1) that suggests addiction is the consequence of insecure attachment to our caregivers in early childhood and that as the result addicts often learn to consume substances, or behave in certain “rewarding” ways such as gambling, hypersexual activity etc to […]