How Do The Twelve Steps Work?

By Steve K. I’ve often heard it said in AA meetings that “I don’t know how the Twelve Steps work, but they just do.”  I personally have never found that statement particularly helpful. Taken literally, the Steps suggest that we can be healed from our illness by accepting it, by belief in God, by taking […]

The Road To Character

By David Brooks. (The following excerpt is from the book ‘The Road to Character‘. Though not a book about addiction or recovery from it, it offers great insights into the values and principles of Twelve Step philosophy) The Humility Code Each society creates its own moral ecology. A moral ecology is a set of norms, […]

Classical Myths: What They Can Tell Us About Recovery

By William L White. There are many bodies of literature that people in addiction recovery and their families and caregivers can draw upon for understanding and guidance. These include autobiographies, religious texts, self-help literature, scientific studies and clinical reports, but there are other less obvious sources that can serve as instruments of illumination and catalysts of personal transformation. I […]

The Myth of the Addictive Personality

By Maia Szalavitz When people think of someone with an “addictive personality,” the image typically isn’t a pretty one. “When is an addict lying?” goes a joke told by addiction counselors: the snide answer is “when his lips are moving.” Media portrayals of addiction tend to depict people with addictions as “fiends” or “demons” whose […]